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From: $284.00 From: $249.95

From: $284.00 From: $249.95

At Chef Frank’s station, this is the type of cookware you’ll find: high quality, copper. The heat transfer ability of copper is like nothing else. It really takes a dish to new heights because the heat is so even and controllable; in Chef’s kitchen, control of your cooking is everything. You’ll find this incredible copperware out performs all cookware. This is Chef Frank’s favorite pan for frying, searing, and flambéing. This round pan has a Lyonnaise profile to enable food to slide easily onto a plate; efficient and beautiful. This frypan is for all cooktops except induction.


90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel

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Weight: oz

Care of copper – use a polishing paste. Care of stainless steel – wash by hand.

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